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Mark Cooley

Mark is a seasoned executive, consultant and educator having held various executive leadership positions in technology over the last 18 years. He specializes in business strategy and the application of blockchain technologies. He is on the founding team of numerous blockchain companies including lifeID, Govurn and 4Block Solutions. The latter of which is supporting blockchain innovation with projects across the community. Mark is a speaker, professor and advisor, supporting institutions such as Seattle University, University of Washington, and General Assembly.

Ahmad Alkabra

Ahmad Alkabra is the Chief Technology Officer at Appsolutely, a company that is disrupting and reimagining the customer loyalty space and ecosystem with LoyalCoin – the next-generation customer loyalty solution on the blockchain. At Appsolutely, Ahmad guides LoyalCoin’s product strategy and spearheads the delivery of apps, services, and solutions related to the LoyalCoin ecosystem. Prior to joining Appsolutely, Ahmad had a stellar run at T-Mobile where he co-started, built and launched T-Mobile Tuesdays – an innovative customer engagement, and industry first customer loyalty app and platform that has been an instant success since its launch in 2016. He sees blockchain as the next evolution in the loyalty space and LoyalCoin as a universal and interoperable solution that utilizes the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to incentivize customers into becoming more engaged and satisfied with loyalty/rewards programs, driving customer acquisition and retention for merchants and brands.

Joshua Shane

Over the past 25 years, Joshua has built and run marketing organizations for Silicon Valley startups and global Seattle tech giants. His passion is bringing technology into service for local, regional and global communities. Prior to being CMO at lifeID, Joshua was Managing Director and VP of Strategy for Viewstream, a marketing agency focused on “deep technology,” where he started and ran the agency’s Blockchain marketing practice.

Soumya Basu

Currently, he is a graduate student at Cornell working on the systems aspect of blockchain technologies. His projects include measuring and building infrastructure to make public cryptocurrencies faster, exploring different security needs for users of blockchain technologies, and examining the economics of transaction fees. He built the Falcon Network to speed up public blockchains. He is advised by the renowned Emin Gün Sirer.

Eric Weaver

Eric Weaver is a digital transformation veteran who has spent 29 years counseling large enterprises and governmental agencies on disruption and transformation. He has counseled over 80 blue-chip clients on everything from brand building to digital operations to blockchain use cases — and has built and led creative, production and strategy teams in New York, London, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit and Cincinnati.

Most recently the VP of Customer Experience for Xerox, Weaver oversaw the company’s $550M marketing services team and led efforts around ledger technologies. He left Xerox in 2018 to launch Transparent Path – a management consultancy advising brands and governments around the globe on proving product origins, quality and marketing claims using blockchain-based validation and supply chain.

James Gan

James Gan is a Program Manager at SRND, and an incoming Masters student at the University of Washington who graduated with a Bachelors from Cornell University in 2018. He has taught various workshops on Blockchain technologies, covering theory and development. As a student at Cornell, James researched the Bancor Network. Since arriving in Seattle, he has organized Blockchain events, including one funded by a Tezos Commons Foundation Grant.


We have renowned speakers across domains including: Neal Koblitz, inventor of elliptic curve cryptography and University of Washington Professor of Mathematics and Eric Weaver, CEO and co-founder of Transparent Path.


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